The Grand National Roadster Show, held annually in Pomona, California, is considered one of the largest and most prestigious hot rod events in the country. This year, the show was bigger and better than ever, with hundreds of hot rod enthusiasts and car owners gathering to celebrate the unique culture of custom car building.

The video of the event highlights the diverse collection of hot rods on display, showcasing the majority of the cars inside the Suede Palace and outside in the Spanish Villa. From post-war race cars to cheater slick drag cars and chromed show cars, each hot rod is built with a different style and theme, reflecting the creativity and imagination of its builder.

One of the highlights of the show is the section dedicated to garage builders, the heart of the industry. These builders sacrifice time, money, and effort to bring their visions to life, and the Grand National Roadster Show provides a platform for them to showcase their creations. These cars are not only works of art, but also testaments to the passion and dedication of the builders who brought them to life.

In conclusion, the Grand National Roadster Show is a must-visit event for hot rod enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the art of custom car building. With its diverse collection of hot rods and its focus on the garage builders, the show offers a unique window into the world of hot rods and custom cars, and provides a chance to experience the passion and creativity that drives the industry.

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