Although most car guys can tell you how a simple circuit works for some reason most of us are also a bit hesitant when it comes to electrical. When it comes to your dash panel you have a few options to consider, our switches can work together in multiple ways to fit the needs for your Hot Rod build. Below are the key questions you need to ask yourself to narrow down which switches you need.



A master power switch is an easy to install safety and/or security switch that kills power to all electrical components. Some racing organizations require the use of a master switch to be wired to either the positive or negative side of your main battery wires.



The #1 thing that you will certainly need is an ignition switch. The main purpose of an ignition switch is to start your engine. You have 2 main options to get this done… a Keyless system or Keyed system that means just that. Do you want to use turn a key to start your engine or just pull on a knob. 



Secondly you will likely need a headlight switch. For your headlights you have 3 options. But first you need to ask yourself will your Hot Rods have high beams, and do you plan to have a dome light?



In most cases you will want to run turn signals to safely let other vehicles know your intentions. Different headlights and taillights function differently but regardless our turn signal switch will work so long as your head lights have turn signals built in or if you mount separate amber lights. Also its a smart idea to also use turn signal indicator lights to make sure you are aware you’re signaling.


The last item to consider is are you running any other electrical components. Below are some common examples. 

HORN - having a horn is the classic "better to have it and not need it vs need it and not have it" Our horn is effective, easy to wire. 


WINDSHIELD WIPERS - for vehicles with factory wiper motors we offer 1 position switch and also a dedicated wiper switch


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