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The 40’s where a much different time than the art deco-roaring twenties days. The great depression that happened in the 30’s was followed by a time of war in the 40’s we all know as WWII. What many don’t know but from 1942 – 1945 American auto manufactures were told to stop production and transition their manufacturing to help aid our efforts in winning WWII. Although cars didn’t change much in the 1940’s the styling was still heavily influenced by the art deco times with organic flowing shaped bodies with giant round fenders and interiors with similar simple repetitive shaped however designs were a bit less stacked or dimensional.

The 40 Series knob is just that… similar to the 3 steps on the art deco knob the 40 series knob has 3 grooves that give off a subtle version of the same effect as the previous generation knob.

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